You could say that Seacrest Fitness Company has been built, honed and molded, shaped and specified, dreamed up and thought about over 23 years.  It’s humble beginnings began years ago, within an awkward 16 year-old that picked up a few shifts at a gym day care in return for a free membership. 
That girl has seen the fitness industry evolve in fashion (never bring back the thong-a-tard!), in formats (step, slide, kickboxing, cycle, Crossfit, you name it) and in technology (tape to CD to iPod!).  She strongly remembers lugging her cassette case to the gym in efforts to ensure plenty of time before class to rewind her tapes.  She spent countless hours choreographing, color coding, and practicing workouts.  Those workouts fill binders on a shelf that now serve as the history books of her journey.

Over this time span she (okay...I!) had the pleasure of taking a gazillion workshops, clinics, and certifications to better herself as an instructor.  For the majority of those years, I’ve also had the responsibility of managing several group fitness programs.  Believe me, it’s a whole other ball of wax learning how to manage people.  I’ve had every personality of instructor under my watch.  I’ve seen several go on to do awesome things within the industry and others continue to do an amazing job at what they do best on a local level.  I love to see others succeed at this gig!  I’ve had to learn to make tough decisions and to listen to my gut.  That little small voice that yells in my ear from time-to-time is always RIGHT.
In the most recent past, I have a strong pull to write education and have been blessed to get that opportunity through paddleboarding and fitness.  I am extremely passionate about mentoring budding instructors.  There is a fire that burns within me to share what I’ve learned and to pass it on the the next generation of fitness motivators.  To know that they then go out and share that spark with the masses, gives me great satisfaction in knowing I’ve had a small part in getting more people moving.

I’ve been lucky that big opportunities have presented themselves with really great people.   The stage I teach on, to some degree, has become wider, however I will tell you, there’s nothing like lacing up my sneaks, pressing play, and teaching to my local audience. Those folks are a part of my heart! 

The future seem so exciting and confirmation that my fitness story is still relevant shines.  I mean, I’m sitting at the edge of my seat, aren’t you?  :)

So to pull all of this together for you and what it all boils down to is this: I don’t know how to NOT do fitness.  When I’m 90, I hope you can find me in a senior center somewhere, getting those old folks moving.  Fitness is so engrained into my very fiber and the paths of my career (there are a few!) have finally converged into this....Seacrest Fitness Company.

Seacrest Fitness Company is a studio indoors and out....on land and sea, whose prime purpose is to get people moving.  We (and yes, I can’t do it alone....I’m bringing the best with me!) are a passionate crew that want to bring the best formats, the best instruction, the best environment, with the best equipment to YOU.  We aren’t one style of movement....we don’t discriminate...we do it all.  And, you should, jump, row, paddle, bike, dance, stretch....get your heart pumping, breathe fresh air.  And, we do all this with building a community in mind, a tribe if you will.  I am in complete belief that we all are stronger when we motivate each other...when we keep each other accountable....when we laugh together and text each other, “where were you today?”

Seacrest Fitness Company also embodies all the things I do within the paddleboard and fitness industries whether it be workshops, trips, master trainings, videos, etc.  We’ve got a full plate!  Buckle up because I'm all over the place!

It is of utmost importance to me that Seacrest Fitness impacts our local community but also the world.  It’s really a simple message.  JUST MOVE.  And, we want you to move with us!