We want our participants to be "in the know".  Below find our app tutorial and answers to our frequently asked questions. 


REGYMEN FITNESS Pensacola App Tutorial

Learn the basic operations of the REGYMEN FITNESS app to schedule and review your workouts plus track your performance data.

+ Do I need to reserve a spot in a workout?

It is best to reserve a spot in our workouts. Please use our app (tutorial above) to reserve.
If a workout fills up, you may still join the waitlist. Those that are waitlisted will be automatically added to the workout if a confirmed participant cancels their spot.
Walk-ins are welcome and are first come, first come, first serve based on the available spots in the workout.**

+ how do i sign up?

It's easy! We have several user-friendly and secure software systems to assist you in reserving a workout. Click Login/Register from our website, create a username and password, and use your account to schedule, purchase and track your visit history. Booking a workout can also be done through the REYGMEN FITNESS app, the Mindbody app or by calling us at 850-435-4075 to register.

+ if the workout is full, is there a waitlist?

YES! We add workouts and change the schedule based on demand. Please get on the wait-list. If you get a space in a workout, you will be notified via email and text.

+ Will my spot be given away if I'm late?

Yes. Please try to arrive a few minutes early. If you do not arrive within 5 minutes of the scheduled workout time, your space may be given to someone who is waiting.

+ i reserved my spot, but didn't attend. What does that mean?

We understand that life happens. Our spots fill up fast and we want to ensure that participants on our waitlists have the opportunity to get a spot if you aren't able to make it.
For Class Pass participants, you must cancel within a five hour timeframe or your reservation will be honored even in your absence. For Unlimited Package members, you will be charged a $10 "no show" fee for each occurrence. If you attend a workout within the same day, your fee will be waived.

+ what should i bring to a workout?

-A Mat: Because of santitary reasons, we do prefer participants to bring their own mat. If you forget yours, we have a few in the studio you may borrow.

-Water: Please bring water. While we do have water machine, please bring your own water bottle to fill.

-Towel: A towel always comes in handy when you get super sweaty!

-Sunscreen: For our outdoor classes, please make sure you are protecting your skin by applying sunscreen.

-Your 'A' game: A great attitude and determination can be the difference in a good workout and a GREAT workout!

+ what should i wear to a workout?

Wear comfortable clothes you can easily move in. Sports bras, tanks, t-shirts, leggings, capris or shorts are popular choices. Proper footwear is key! Make sure you have shoes with good support.

For Cycle workouts: (optional) Our bikes come equipped with SPD clips for cycling shoes--bring them if you have them. No worries, the bikes can accomodate regular sneakers too.

For Rowing and Bodypump workouts: (optional) Some folks like to wear lifting gloves to protect their hands when gripping the handles/bar.

For SUP Fitness workouts: It's not necessary to wear a bikini! A lot of folks wear gym clothes when attending a SUP fitness class. However, wear clothing you are okay with getting wet. SUP is usually done barefoot but water shoes are an option if you are uncomfortable with barefeet.

What not to bring:
-Jewelry: Some pieces can serve as a safety hazard. It's best to leave them at home or in your gym bag.

-Cell Phones: We understand you may need to keep your phone close, however please be respectful of the instructor and other class members.

+ i'm new. are the workouts too hard for me?

Each workout is designed for all levels of fitness. Our certified coaches will take the time to show you the proper form and technique for an enjoyable workout. If you need modifications, please do not hesitate to speak to your coach prior to class. Stay on the look out for our 101 clinics throughout each month. In these format-specific clinics, you will be shown the basics of the cycles, rowers, equipment, and exercises, etc.

+ do you have shower facilities?

YES! Our facility hosts four restrooms, two showers and two changing rooms.

+ do you have childcare?

We currently do not have supervised childcare.

+ must i know how to swim for SUP fitness classes?

Yes. Although our certified instructors are trained in rescue, for your safety and theirs, you must know how to swim if attending a SUP fitness class.